Horseless Carriage Club of America

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Automobile Parts
Bruce Blevins Packard Parts 810-744-1820 catalog
John Ulrich Packard parts 510-223-9587
Olcar bearing Company 910-693-3324
Packard Seattle Company (425-334-7754)
Potomac Packard (wiring) (800-859-9532)
Prairie Auto Porcelain (507-645-5325)
Quality Paint (503-640-2004)
Automobiles for Sale
Abbott Instrument Restoration (503) 246-1287
Bob Earls Auto Service (503-810-3839)
Jim Classen Engine Rebuilding (503-244-5779)
Jim Otto Radiator Themostic Control Repair 865-966-9494
Mike McCready Packard Repair (503-329-5436)
Ott's Friction Supply (Brake Shoes and Clutches)
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